Another big day today

Yes, today was Dom's birthday. She's 27 now. Feel free to wish her a splendid birthday at

Other than that though, let me just say, WOW! I painted a third coat of mint blue in the bathroom, applied a coat of wax to a 1990 Corolla Station Wagon, ate some Spitz sunflower seeds, but wait, that's not it! Nope, if you can believe it, there was more. Dom and I went for Dinner in Carlyle!

All in all, a great day in the greater Kipling region.


My Very Public Schedule


I ran 10 Kilometres today. Drove the van 5km west from 503 Main, pulled over to the gravel, dropped the clutch, turned the wheel left, pulled a peel-out "U-ey", and drove back home to place both feet in the eagerly awaiting pair of red Adidas. Then I ran to the tire mark. And back.

50 minutes.

Not bad.

Specially for a belly full of elk sausage. Cold wet powerful north wind blew hard perpendicularly to the road the entire time. From the right on the way there. From the left on the way back. No tailwind either direction. I tried to twist my back to get a bit of a sail-effect going on to help propel me down the highway. Not sure if it helped. I did get stomach cramps though, so maybe twisting wasn't the best idea. Probably the elk sausage's fault though. They always get up to stuff like that. Good old elk sausages. Digesting. Giving people cramps. Elk sausages. Nothing like 'em.


I'm so hungry I could

eat a bike. But since I'm on a fast, and can't eat solids, I just fixed a bunch in the backyard instead. So, I was working on bikes all day, and then this monster thunderstorm came along and we were about to drive out of town to watch it, in a place that in hindsight what was probably the most lightning-strike likely location, ever. But we never left town, cause there were two guys on bikes in front of the big red paperclip at 503 Main. These two guys:


Francois and Olivier. And they didn't look like they were just riding around town on those bikes. Nope, it looked like they were riding somewhere really far on those bikes. It turns out they're on their way from Victoria BC to St. John's Newfoundland. Pretty much as far as you can travel without needing to carry ID to cross a border. They've got a website. With a really easy to remember URL. You should check it out:

We scored them showers, beds, cutlery, bike storage in the "Leprechaun" motorhome out back, etc. World's defintely collided around here last night. Yep, the world of Kyle and Dom sitting around the house doing as little as possible, shaking off stir craziness by obsessively collecting, fixing, and then not really riding bikes, with the world of Olivier and Francois: goal oriented and spandex fueled cross continental cycling...on bikes that weren't salvaged from attics in farmhouses.

Awesome guys, glad they dropped buy. They ate an entire bag of Chewy Chips Ahoy last night. I had some mini carrots. And such.









Lots more at the bottom of here.

Fasts are slow

I once read somewhere about this fast thing in Thailand where people drank tea for ten days and then all sorts of the "bad" stuff started coming out of their bodies, like a glass marble one guy swallowed when he was 6 years old. Yep, it popped right out of him. In Thailand. When he was 33. So anyway I don't ever remember eating a glass marble, and if I had eaten a glass marble I'm not sure if I'd want to get rid of it from the inside of my body anyhow. But that thought always stuck with me. What if there was all sorts of crazy crap inside my body I could only ever get rid of with a fast? So Dom, the nutritionist, decides to do a fast. Here in Kipling. And she asked if I was interested. And I said yes. And stopped eating. More than two days ago. And now I'm really hungry. Dom's been feeding me all sorts of tea and juices that are supposed to be good, and I have to say, they're pretty good. But I could really go for a piece of toast. Actually, I'm not as hungry as I thought I'd be. I'm sort of approaching it with a competitive spirit. Not eat for two days? Ha! I can not eat for three days. And if I don't sleep eat a few bowls of Cheerios tonight, that'll be day three. Just like that. But there's so much time in the day if you're not eating. I've realized that breakfast, lunch, dinner and all that snacking takes up a lot of my day usually. And for the past couple of days I've realized that I have literally no idea what to do with those hours of the day. Especially when I'm really hungry and in ultra low energy mode. Kinda just hanging around the house. Or pulling really old bicycles out of people's yards. At their permission/request. Yeah, so anyhow, that's what's going on around here in Kipling right now. Not eating, and being a bike magnet. I'm really looking forward to eating again. It's going to be awesome. I'll let you know if any marbles pop out.


Turn your speakers up

We've got a VW camper van. Having a bit of an issue with the auxiliary battery holding it's charge. Gonna go into Regina tomorrow and take it to the VW dealer to get their verdict. I hope the dealership has this music coming from it's service department.



So Scott, Dom, Teresa and I were siting around 503 Main today and for some reason I said I'd like to get a lot of bikes. Like a hundred. Quickly. Something like that. Since bikes are fun, it's pretty predictable that a lot of bikes will be a lot of fun. We'd just scooped up a $2 garage sale wonder down the road in Kennedy, and had four already on the premises. So only about 95 to go to hit c-note status. I posted up a message at the Kipling Motor Inn and the Co-op that I was looking for bikes, and we left it at that.

An hour later the door rang. It was Lloyd. Lloyd came in out of the cold rain. We sat in the kitchen and said the usual pleasantries. Then Lloyd said that he'd come over because he'd seen the notice about bikes at the KMI.

You have bikes?
Yes. I've got about 30 of them.

Just like that.

So ten minutes later Scott, Lloyd and I are on the road to his family's farmhouse 20 minutes down a muddy gravel road out of town towards Kenosee to scope them out. We pulled up the the ancient semi-abandoned farmhouse on their spread and walked inside. And sure enough, the house was filled to the rafters with bikes. A farmhouse filled with bikes. Just like that. He'd gathered them over the years and there they were. So we grabbed as many would fit on and in the Sun Seeker and headed back to town with the first load of bike loot. A quick stop at Lloyd's place in town netted a couple more to bring the total for the day to ten bikes. So about 15 bikes so far at 503 Main. And another 25 or so still at the farmhouse. That's about 40 bikes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with 40 bikes. But that's the sort of thing that'll pretty much work itself out. Vast amounts of bikes are like that.

So now I'm figuring out ways to score a utility trailer and go back for the rest of those bikes just waiting at the Warner family farmhouse. Then I'm gonna fix them all up and do something fun with them. Then maybe try to bring every single unwanted spare bike in Saskatchewan to Kipling. Who knows. This bike getting will either fade out quickly or quickly get right out of hand.

Which would be fun.

So I'm looking to get lots of bikes to 503 Main Street here in Kipling. If you've got one bike, or fifty bikes, I'm interested. Drop me a line at or better yet, just drop on by...with your bikes. We can make a deal!